Preliminary Programme

9.00amScience behind Dermal Needling
10.00amAtrophic vs Hypertrophic Scars
10.45amCoffee break
11.15amMicroneedling Technique
12.00pmRollers vs Vertical Needling
12.30pmLunch Break
1.30pmPre- and Post-Treatment Care
2.30pmTreatment Protocols
3.00pmCoffee break
3.30pmHands-on Training
5.00pmSponsored Symposium
5.30pmNetworking Reception
8.30amService Delivery Models, Guidelines, Scope of Practice
9.30amNeedling and Pigmentation Disorders
10.30amCoffee break
11.00amNeedling and Scar Texture (Science, Demo’s, Case Studies, Discussion)
11.45amNeedling and TensionĀ (Science, Demo’s, Case Studies, Discussion)
12.15pmMasterClass with selected Case Studies from Participants
1.00pmLunch break
2.00pmNeedling and Hair Loss (Science, Demo’s, Case Studies, Discussion)
2.30pmCombination Therapies and Adjuncts
3.15pmMasterClass with selected Case Studies from Participants